What Kind of bras do you wear?

You must have obviously gone with your mother and the choice was also hers. No girl can really forget that moment when you stopped being a girl and became a woman. We are sure you now pick the right bra and without much help from anybody.

1. Push-up Bra

Since push up bras are mostly worn to heighten your cleavage, it also means that you are a go-getter and would put in every effort to make things around your perfect.

2. Bralette

Bralettes have become everybody s favorite off lately. It is in trend and many women are seen buying these sexy bras.

3. Lace Bra

lace bra is nothing but sexy. If you wear this bra or prefer this, it also means that you would do anything to make sure your sex life is amazing and intense.

4. The Usual comfortable bra

Overthinking does not exist in your dictionary. You are the most chilled out person and love taking life as it comes.

5. Bustier Bra

The only thing that one can tell about you is that however hideous, your personality is indeed sexy. The one you will attract will find a way to steal your heart.

6. Sports Bra

Women who love wearing sports bra are the ones who are either very busy or do not like wasting too much time on trivial things. If you have been wearing a sports bra quite often, chances are that you are also love thinking practically.